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Watertight and Splash doors

Watertight doors are one of the core systems provided by SeaNet. Over 2,500 sliding watertight and splashtight doors plants have been installed on a huge variety of sailing vessels.

Watertight and Splash doors

Passenger and Cargo Access Equipments

SeaNet designs, manufactures and installs a broad range of Cargo Access Equipments, including stern and side ramps, elevators, car decks and cargo shell doors.

Pax and Cargo Access Equipments

Ship Automation Systems and Safety Management Systems

SeaNet is a turn-key provider of ship automation systems conceived for yachts, ferries, and cruise ships. Our systems offer a range of effective and user-friendly solutions designed to optimize the full control of the ship's machinery.

Automation Safety and Management

Specials Projects

SeaNet provides state-of-the-art, customer-driven designs in order to satisfy the most challenging operational requirements. SeaNet develops special projects for marine and shore applications.

Specials Projects
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