Splashtight semi-watertight doors
Splashtight semi-watertight doors

Our splashtight doors are the only approved and certified by the classification Authority as hinged A60 semi-watertight doors with water column height up 3.5m; higher water column height available on request. Our splashtight doors also are SAFE RETURN TO PORT APPROVED.

To date we have more than 3,500 sliding watertight and splashtight door installations to our credit in over 70 leading cruise company ships worldwide.

Each door is equipped with electric local controls,visual and electronic audible alarm and requires a very easy installation: doors are furnished already assembled with frames to be directly welded to the bulkhead. 

SeaNet STD system needs only minimum periodical maintenance.

STD, main features:

  • SeaNet splash-tight doors are hinged type (single or double) with 90° or 180° opening angle according to technical specification of the customer.
  • Electric actuation
  • Standard size: clear width from 700 to 2000mm; clear height from 1700 to 2000mm
  • STD can be controlled from a normally manned central position of the bridge or locally from both sides of the doors
  • In closed position, the doors are locked against correspondent frames through a special lock, which guarantee watertighness by means of a perimetral-rubber-packing.
  • The power, control and indicators are operable in the event of main power failure


STD, main components: splash door structure, electric actuator, local control and manoeuvre switchboards, local emergency manual operating devices, acoustic and visual alarms, racks including all PLC fitted on wheelhouse panel with other electric devices.

year builder owner shipyard system supplied ship
on delivery 2022 Fincantieri Virgin Cruise 6289
on delivery 2021 Fincantieri Holland America 6278
on delivery 2021 Fincantieri Msc Crociere 6306
on delivery 2021 Fincantieri Princess Cruises 6290
on delivery 2021 Fincantieri Virgin Cruise 6288
on delivery 2020 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise 6273
on delivery 2020 Fincantieri Princess Cruises 6275
on delivery 2020 Fincantieri Regent 6281
on delivery 2020 Fincantieri Silver 6279
on delivery 2020 Fincantieri Virgin Holidays Cruises 6287
2019 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Venezia
on delivery 2019 Fincantieri P&O Australia 6272
on delivery 2019 Fincantieri Princess Cruises 6268
2018 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Horizon
2018 Fincantieri Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam
2018 Fincantieri Msc Crociere 6257
2018 Fincantieri Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Ovation
2017 Fincantieri Msc Crociere Seaside
2017 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Majestic Princess
2017 Fincantieri Viking Viking Sun
2017 Fincantieri Viking Viking Sky
2016 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Vista
2016 Fincantieri Holland America Koningsdam
2016 Mariotti Private FULK AL SALAMAH
2016 Fincantieri Regent Cruises Seven Seas Explorer
2016 Fincantieri Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Encore
2016 Fincantieri Silversea Cruises Silversea Muse
2016 Fincantieri Viking Viking Sea
2015 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Britannia
2015 Fincantieri Viking Viking Star
2014 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Diadema
2014 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Regal Princess
2013 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Royal Princess
2012 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Breeze
2012 Clodia Consorzio Venezia Nuova Mose
2012 G. Lavori Fincosit Consorzio Venezia Nuova Mose
2012 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Fascinosa
2012 Fincantieri Oceania Cruises Oceania Riviera
2011 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Magic
2011 Mariotti Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Quest
2010 Fincantieri Carnival Uk Queen Elizabeth
2010 Fincantieri Carnival Uk Azura
2010 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Favolosa
2010 Fincantieri Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam
2010 Fincantieri Oceania Cruises Oceania Marina
2010 Mariotti Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Sojourn
2009 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Dream
2009 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Deliziosa
2009 Mariotti Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Odyssey
2009 Fincantieri Silversea Silver Spirit
2008 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Splendor
2008 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Luminosa
2008 Fincantieri Holland America Eurodam
2008 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Ruby Princess
2007 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Freedom
2007 Fincantieri Carnival Uk Ventura
2007 Fincantieri Cunard Queen Victoria
2007 Fincantieri Hurtigruten Fram
2006 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Serena
2006 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Concordia
2006 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Crown Princess
2006 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Emerald Princess
2005 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Liberty
2005 Fincantieri Holland America Eurodam
2004 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Magica
2004 Fincantieri Holland America Noordam
2004 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess
2004 Mitsubishi Princess Cruises Sapphire Princess
2003 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Glory
2003 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Fortuna
2003 Fincantieri Holland America Oosterdam
2003 Fincantieri Holland America Westerdam
2003 Mitsubishi Princess Cruises Diamond Princess
2002 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Conquest
2002 Fincantieri Holland America Zuiderdam
2002 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Star Princess
2001 Fincantieri Princess Cruises Golden Princess
2000 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Victory
2000 Meyer Werft Carnival Uk Aurora
1999 Fincantieri Carnival Uk Oceana
1999 Fincantieri Holland America Amsterdam
1998 Fincantieri Holland America Zaandam
1997 Fincantieri Disney Cruise Disney Wonder
1997 Fincantieri Holland America Volendam
1996 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise
  • Hydraulic Plant
Carnival Destiny
1996 Fincantieri Disney Cruise Disney Magic
1996 Fincantieri Princess Cruises
  • Hydraulic Plants
Grand Princess
1995 Fincantieri Holland America
  • Hydraulic Plants
1995 Fincantieri Princess Cruises
  • Hydraulic Plant
Sun Princess