Research project Wetfeet

The Project Wetfeet aim was to identify and develop new materials, components and technologies to be used for the generation of energy from the sea waves. In addition to development of new materials and components, Wetfeet team evaluated crosscutting issues such as logistics and environmental and social issues related to the different technologies used in the power generation process. The Wetfeet team was led by the Wave Energy Center (WavEC) of Lisbon and the University of Edinburgh, recognized as two of the most important European centers specializing in the generation of energy from waves. The Team of Wetfeet aims to analyze the concepts and disadvantages of past successes in order to create an innovative and functional technology that will make a big leap forward to the whole sector. Besides SeaNet Group, some of the most prestigious scientific research institutions of Europe from Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and the United Kingdom took part in the project. 

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