Stern Doors
Stern Doors

SeaNet Group supplies a great variety of different stern doors and marina platforms for both commercial and naval vessels.

The stern doors are custom designed based on the ship's hull shape according to customer and registry requirements.

Types of opening available:

  • downward-opening
  • upward opening
  • side hinged
  • pantograph side hinged


SeaNet Group can deliver stern doors of every size on request.

Opening assembly and locking device are powered by hydraulic power pack or electrical actuators.

SeaNet Group supplies complete mechanical systems: mechanical parts with an integrated automation system.

Each door is supplied with a Local Maneuver Cabinet, fitted with all the necessary for door opening/closing, wedge locking/unlocking and HPP start/stop.

year builder owner shipyard system supplied ship
2014 Kwong Soon Stg - Sea Trucks Group Jascon 18
2011 Azimut - Benetti //
  • Telescopic Gym Cover
Lady Candy
2009 Fincantieri Iraqi Navy Fc6156 Fatah
2009 Fincantieri Iraqi Navy Fc6158 Majed
2009 Fincantieri Iraqi Navy Fc6157 Nasir
2009 Fincantieri Iraqi Navy Fc6159 Shmookh