Side doors
Side doors
Side doors
Side doors
Side doors

SeaNet Group supplies all sorts of shell doors, including:

  • embarkation side doors
  • provision side doors
  • crew entrance side doors
  • service side doors
  • containers, cars and boats garage side doors
  • tender embarkation platforms


SeaNet Group supplies side doors with single or double leaf door, hinged with opening inward or outward or side doors with pantograph hinges, outward opening.

In the closed position, they are recessed into the vessel flush and aligned with the surrounding shell plate.

Side doors size: we can deliver doors of every size on request, our trackrecord ranges from small passenger access doors to large side doors with a clear opening of 5000mm x12000mm.

The rotational movement can be obtained by means of hydraulic cylinders or electrical actuators.

Hydraulic doors are powered by HPP - hydraulic power pack that can be supplied by SeaNet on requested; electric doors are powered by ship electrical power line.

Each side door is supplied with a Local Maneuver Cabinet, fitted with all the necessary controls for door opening/closing, wedge locking/unlocking and HPP start/stop.

Our shell doors systems do not necessitate of particular mechanical maintenance, are custom designed based on the ship's hull shape according to customer and registry requirements and are approved or tested by classification societies.


year builder owner shipyard system supplied ship
2015 Fincantieri Comp. Iles Du Pon. Le Lyrial
2013 Fincantieri Comp. Iles Du Pon. Le Soleal
2011 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Magic
2011 Lurssen Private Topaz
2011 Mariotti Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Quest
2010 Fincantieri Carnival Uk Azura
2010 Fincantieri Comp. Iles Du Pon. L'Austral
2010 Fincantieri Comp. Iles Du Pon. Le Boreal
2010 Dynacom Private Dream
2010 Mariotti Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Sojourn
2009 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Dream
2009 Mariotti Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Odyssey
2009 Fincantieri Silversea Silver Spirit
2008 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Splendor
2008 CRN (Ferretti Group) Private Tacanuyaso
2007 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Freedom
2006 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Serena
2006 Fincantieri Costa Crociere Costa Concordia
2006 Costa Crociere Costa Crociere Costa Tropicale
2005 Fincantieri Carnival Cruise Carnival Liberty
2002 Mariotti Seven Seas Seven Seas Voyager
2001 Mariotti Silversea Silver Whisper
2000 Mariotti Silversea Silver Shadow
1999 Mariotti Seven Seas Seven Seas Navigator
1997 Fincantieri Disney Cruise Disney Wonder
1996 Fincantieri Disney Cruise Disney Magic
1995 Varco Chiappella Classic International
  • Lifts
Athena (Ex Italia Prima)
1995 Fincantieri Princess Cruises
  • Hydraulic Plant
Sun Princess
1993 Mariotti Silversea Silver Wind
1992 Mariotti Costa Crociere Costa Allegra
1992 Mariotti Silversea Silver Cloud
1990 Mariotti Costa Crociere Costa Marina
1990 Mariotti P&O Australia
  • Lifts
1981 Italcantieri Tirrenia
  • Lifts
  • Elevator
  • Dumb waiters
1980 Italcantieri Merzario
  • Lifts
Andrea Merzario/Saudi Hail
1980 Italcantieri Merzario
  • Lifts
  • Dumb waiters
C.Te Revello/Saudi Quassim
1980 N.C. Apuania Sultanato Oman
  • Lifts
  • Dumb waiters
Al Said
1980 Italcantieri Tirrenia
  • Lifts
  • Elevators
  • Dumb waiters