Sectional hyperbaric chambers
Sectional hyperbaric chambers
Sectional hyperbaric chambers

SeaNet Group was been the first in the world to design and manufacture SECTIONAL HYPERBARIC CHAMBERS – that is just one of the solutions we brought to the MOSE Project – the moving barriers meant to protect Venice from the flooding.

Our hyperbaric chambers are composed of three parts called blocks, they use a revolutionary sectional design and feature pressurizing and balancing systems that enable maintenance operations to be performed on the barrier system underwater.

SeaNet Group hyperbaric chambers are modular in design, so the customer can combine different modules (adding or subtracting modules) to increase/decrease the capacity of the hyperbaric chambers.

This permit a new kind of flexibility in a fleet of vessel, in which the needed hyperbaric chamber (for different number of people) can be obtained combining the modules of existing chambers on different vessels instead of procuring a different chamber for each purpose.

SeaNet Group FIRST in the World had successfully supplied the only Hyperbaric chambers CUT in the main steel structure.

year builder owner shipyard system supplied ship
2014 Clodia Consorzio Venezia Nuova Mose