Tilt stabilization system for tender cranes

When extracting a transverse crane with the tender, often the yacht tilts with unpleasant effect on the owner and his guests.

To avoid this issue, we can supply a tilt stabilization system that compensate the tilting induced by the combined weight of the crane with the tender attached.

This system is mainly composed by:

  • a defined mass (designed based on ship calculations)
  • an interface, usually rail-based, with the ship
  • a moving system to position the mass in a defined position, depending on the position of the crane
  • control panel
  • control button board with umbilical connection to operate the system (this can be combined with the control button board of the crane to better control the tender maneuvering operations)
year builder owner shipyard system supplied ship
2012 Azimut - Benetti // Illusion V