Flexible side doors
Flexible side doors

The SeaNet Group recently built the largest side doors, for ship, in the world: they are 17.160 mm long and 5.700 mm high.

They are the only ones of their kind for two reasons:

- they are the largest side doors for ship in the world

- they are equipped with a dual opening system: upward and downward.

These flexible side doors have two principal functions:

  • If the door is opened in downward mode, the door becomes a loading platform able to support loads like containerized items and various cargo up to 25 tons.
  • If the door is opened in upward mode, the door allows the boat stowing inside the ship reducing the overall needed outreach of the overhead crane.


The door-opening angle is 90 degrees and the rotational movement is obtained by means of double- acting hydraulic cylinder and special hinges on top and bottom side of the door. 

Their hinge mechanism is highly technological and sophisticated.

Great attention has been paid to the internal and external finishing of the doors, as required from the type of ship on which they are been installed.

Each side door is supplied with a Local Maneuver Cabinet, fitted with all the necessary controls for door opening/closing, wedge locking/unlocking and HPP start/stop